Dojo Ted

Class information

Dojo Ted and Ronin-Kan Dojo Karate

925 NW Grand Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007

Saturday Morning Karate
8-8:30am open dojo
8:30- 9:30am yellow/orange belts and beginning students
9:30-10:00am Sparing
10:00-11:00 Blue belts and above

7:30-11 am  Personal training and Self Motivation.
9:30-11:00am adults and brown /black belts

Monday Evening
5:00-5:30pm open dojo
5:30-6:30pm  beginners, yellow and orange belts
6:30-700pm sparring
 7-8:00pm  blue and above and  adult
8-8:30pm  brown belt +


Contact us for information about instruction, seminars, school programs or performances at:
Phone: 602 687 3941

Sensei David Schuller Nov. 19th 2017

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November 20, 1949





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